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I, Sergei Karelin, am glad to hail you on the personal page. I hope the information on my creativity and about my collection placed in appropriate sections of the given Internet project will interest you.

Materials concerning objects, created during more than ten years, which make the collection «Holy Russia», will be represented here.

It should be at once stipulated that my collection all the time contradicts the conception of this term, as it was diffused all over the world in museums and private collections, while the main sense of any collection is building it up. My collection has a different form of life – on the contrary it is not gathering but it is scattered in the world and is advocating Russian traditions and is permanently completed by new works. That is, in other words, «Holy Russia» is an alive organism, each part of which is indissolubly connected by hidden threads to other subjects of the collection joined by one common title but divided by large distances and resuming by virture of it the new life, present existence already in the other quality. As subject – i hope – decorating your life.



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   about artist  news   «Treasure in frame»   «Clock of Earth»   «Holy Russia»   press   history   
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