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…Light-blue eyes, greyish beard, smart moustache with slightly waving ends. The first impression is – the last Russian emperor has revived. The external similarity is amasing. But it does not warm the artist. “I am sick and tired of this, – says Sergei. – The inner world is much more interesting”. In his 45 years he is an academician of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, was accepted member of the International federation of artists of UNESCO. His friends say that he is modest and does not like publicity. Few are masters like him in Russia.

(from press about the master)


Tabernacle, Vladimir Art Fund Materials devoted to the creative side of life of the author are stored in archives. One part of materials represents papers and reportings published in different years in domestic and central press. The other part of materials exist as recordings with Sergei Karelin made in different times both by domestic and central telestudios.

CD-ROM cover (120KB, new window)It is supposed to collect a part of materials - as printed and video - on computer or compact disc,organising its contents in the form of an original digression in the history of creating a jewellery collection "Holy Russia". Into the contents of the CD - ROM more perfect pictures of the subjects of the collection will be included. The given disk with a donative placard of the author will be distributed as a gift among the friends and connoisseurs of the creation of Sergei Karelin. Now the collection has a different name "Presents from S.Karelin".

   about artist  news   «Treasure in frame»   «Clock of Earth»   «Holy Russia»   press   history   
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